I needed help this year i usually give to others than ask for other to help me but i fell on hard time this year feel like everything just crashed at once i lost my job got to intend physical therapy 4x a week due to a car accident early this year i got 3 kids 2 handsome boys which are 8 and 12 an a beautiful little girl thats 2 so i reached out to volunteer of America for help this year to put a smile on my kids face
I love adopt a family even those i havent heard anything about a adopting for my kids yet its still a awesome experience because i have adopted 3 family myself in the past an i know all the hard work put in to helping others in need its not easy so im so grateful for volunteers of America an the other organizations out here helping people though there hard times
I just like to say helping others is the best thing u can do. Because every single one of us is going to have a time where we going to need a ✋. So if u are on hard time this year or next year its ok. Just when u get it together dont forget about the ones still in that position please help organizations like volunteers of America make a dream come true for someone else.😀😀😀
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