Im a single mom of 3 and im currently pregnant i just recently moved due to a domestic violence relationship i cant afford Christmas this year for my kids they are good kids i explained to them this year is hard for mommy and i will do as much as i possibly can they work so hard on their schoolwork grades they deserve a good Christmas it breaks my heart that i can't give it to them this year.....any assistance is greatly appreciated from my family and I
Just the thought of a program like this....this is my first time seeking Christmas assistance this year as a mom its hard not being able to provide for your children....this program is a blessing to alot of families
I cant tell you how much this program means to us not just my family but alot of unfortunate families just to know that when you reach out for help in your time of need its their just knowing how it feels to not be able to do what i want for my children for the holidays i would love to get on my feet and adopt a family when i can....i have been approved but no one has adopted us yet we are grateful if we are.....thanks eveyone at volunteer of america from Oliver Family
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