I am a mother if 3 My daughter has adhd and it has been a struggle dealing with that and trying to keep and job that understandsI have no family being constantly layed off hurts alot because of the Bill's i know I'm not able to afford a Christmas this year due to financial issues and it hurts as a mother when u cant always provide the things your children need n want at times I dont get any assistance through DHS other than medical with no help it has been a struggle buying food for my family.
my family have been a adopted by a family as a child n I can remember my mom struggling to make ends meet she sat us down n let us know she wasnt able to provide a Christmas for us n somehow got in touch with this program I remember waking up with the biggest smile and nice ppl was at our door and she asked them to stay so we could thank them our self and we were thankful n grateful for everything they had done for us n I know my mom was that was an blessing
I was referred to adopt a family through my daughter therapist I love her and so do all of my children although she's only my daughter therapist due to her being my daughter therapist she get to know all of us n talk to us all so she can help my daughter and she knows my struggle so she told me about adopt a family my children n I would love n very much appreciate it if we were n hopefully one day be able to adopt a family when things get better
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